Velodrome - Au Velodrome 141

Velodrome - Au Velodrome 141
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We have been working on this reissue since we began the label 10 years ago, and finally its ready to share with the world. Velodrome need no introduction to most, but for the uninitiated, they are the duo of Krishna Goineau (Electronics + Vocals) and Jordi Guber (Electronics + Programming). At age 15, Jordi played guitar in Barcelona punk band Ultimo Resorte, and formed Líneas Aereas with Frank Palomo after becoming interested in electronics. Krishna had been performing with Chrislo Haas and Beate Bartel in Liaisons Dangereuses. Krishna and Jordi met in 1979 through Jordi’s brother Raul, who was in the no wave group Xeerox. The idea of collaborating came when Krishna paid a visit to the rehearsal studio that Xeerox shared with Líneas Aereas. After dissolving Liaisons Dangereuses in 1983, Krishna, who was impressed by Jordi's synthesizer skills, decided they should move to Brussels. There they formed the short lived Metropakt, releasing two songs on various compilations in 1985. Not long after, they re-named their project Velodrome and began to rehearse with greater discipline. Experimenting with the latest Roland machines, which were equipped with MIDI, was an exciting challenge for the duo. In November 1987 they recorded three songs, “Au Velodrome 141”, “Glassfabrik” and “Capataz” at ICP Studios in Brussels, with additional vocals from Annemie Gers. They found a home on German label Animalized, and the songs were released in 1988 as the ‘На Велодроме 141’ EP. The record is striking, dynamic, challenging yet accessible, with Krishna's frenzied vocals sharply contrasting with the cool, angular production. In more recent years, the release has become much sought after by fans of techno, electro, minimal synth, and avant-garde music. Each song has been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. The vinyl comes with a postcard and features the original jacket art with a photo of the rings of Saturn, echoing Krishna’s words, "we slide very well through the velodrome, there are no limits, only ice."


Дата релиза: 2019-09-06 Darkentriesrecords
Оценка: 3.4 / 8
05:19 | 12,1 Мб | 320 kbps | 199 | 8 JeanGak 11.09.2019 в 01:38
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2 Nils120979 11.09.2019 в 23:26 4 0
Вы, если не удосужились прочитать текст к трэку (хотяб в гугл трансле, если языка не знаете), типа "многабукав" для вас, а уже откоментили в стиле - херня, то зачем оценку ниже плинтуса ставите?
Это техно 80-х, только перемастерингованное. Да кому я это обьясняю.....
комментаторы млть....
1 Antonio_Fly 12.09.2019 в 17:11 5 1
Я и говорю, бомба! ; )
0 Antonio_Fly 11.09.2019 в 22:09 3 0
Это много, много, много курева! ; )))
Я блин тащусь) Просто повеселил) Это по своему бомба, разрыв каски просто))
-1 BoJIoHTEP 11.09.2019 в 08:38 2 0
Твою ж мать, это что такое?
1 -Ar- 11.09.2019 в 03:21 1 0
Было ощущение, что в какую то секту заманивают.
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